Blogger’s Delight Special Event

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Help us promote new web site and get a 50% discount for your next meal with Burning Barrel Blogger’s Delight Voucher for 5 people!

Burning Barrel Blogger’s Delight Event Rules:

In order to participate, just give our restaurant a try and write a review post of 250+ words with the link to in your blog or Facebook page. Be honest, tell us how you liked it and what we can improve on. We want to keep improving, so we do appreciate any and all feedback! 

For all your hard work we have a special treat! Put a link to your post in comments and receive a voucher for 50% your next dinner for Burning Barrel Blogger’s Delight Event. We even extend the voucher for 4 additional persons, so that you can invite your family or friends with you! Enjoy your food, have a blast and leave the rest to us!

Burning Barrel Blogger’s Delight Event will be running from the 1st of June 2017 till 30th of June 2017.

Burning Barrel Blogger’s Delight Event Location:

You can find us at 555 Columbia St. West, Kamloops, BC.