Burning Barrel Team


Burning Barrel Philosophy

Burning Barrel team believes in quality of food preparation and the elusive feeling of home each time you taste a dish. That’s why our dishes and sauces are prepared in-house and from the scratch. We strive to deliver best buffet experience in Kamloops.



We have a dedicated team at Burning Barrel that is happy to provide you with high quality food and beverages. Our Food and Beverage Manager works with Chefs, Cooks and Bartenders. That ensures firsthand experience of production process that consequently translates into high quality products. We are always looking for ways to optimize our supply chain of ingredients to ensure top quality of the end product. We work closely with Kamloops distributors to ensure that your food is fresh and tasty.



We value the diversity of our employees, guests and suppliers. Kamloops is a multicultural city and we embrace it. We respect the individual through communicating and strive to providing a meaningful, inclusive environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to be successful and productive.



Our vision remains to be the leader in the family restaurant segment in Kamloops by making a fun, affordable dining for every guest, at our restaurant, every day.



Our commitment to our guests doesn’t stop with our food. Burning Barrel staff believes in providing outstanding hospitality too. Being the best in class is what we are all about, and that is a direct tribute to all the men and women who work here, who strive each day to deliver a pleasurable dining experience for all families.